1. Double exposed gabonghi on the Reading Viaduct. - Philadelphia, PA - 10/20/2014

  2. Adventure on the Reading Viaduct with gabonghi, part two. - Philadelphia, PA - 10/20/2014

  3. Adventure on the Reading Viaduct with gabonghi. - Philadelphia, PA - 10/20/2014

  4. Me looking like a dad on the Reading Viaduct after work yesterday. Dad vibes all day. 


    Took colinkerrigan to the abandon Highline today.

  5. gabonghi in an abandoned lot. - Philadelphia, PA - 10/16/1024

  6. Point-and-shoot outtakes of a shoot I did with Philadelphia 76ers point guard Tony Wroten. More to come soon. - Philadelphia, PA - 10/17/2014

  7. I took this a year ago today. Time flies. I’m glad I have this photo because it takes me right back to this particular day. Watch her play “Avant Gardner” HERE.


    Courtney Barnett during an Out Of Town Films shoot in her airbnb apartment in Chinatown. - New York, New York - 10/18/2013

    (by Colin Kerrigan)

  8. A new outoftownfilms session just premiered on one of my favorite music blogs on the internet. Check it out. I wasn’t there for this shoot, but it’s still my people. 


    New session vibes… thanks yvynyl for the premiere! 


    premiere: Locals - Stay Away

    I met lead singer Kurt Cain-Walther by chance in one of our favorite coffee shops here in Philadelphia the other day and he wanted to share his new project with me (and you). Another cool coincidence, their very first video was produced by my friends at Out of Town Films:

  9. Dreary fall day in Center City. - Philadelphia, PA - 10/15/2014

    (Source: ck1wandering)

  10. Leah on JFK Blvd. - Philadelphia, PA - 10/15/2014

  11. Leah #2 - Philadelphia, PA - 10/15/2014

  12. Leah - Philadelphia, PA - 10/15/2014

  13. I took this shortly after New York Giants’ receiver Victor Cruz went down with a severe knee injury on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. I could hear him screaming in pain from my seat. It was pretty brutal and sad to witness.

    This image also ended up on Deadspin after I tweeted it in defense of my fellow Eagles brethren(the bald guy in the bottom left) who was unfairly depicted on the cover of the New York Daily News. - Philadelphia, PA - 10/12/2014

  14. Here’s the first Out of Town Films session I was able to shoot since breaking my ankle over the summer. Almost 2.5 months break from shooting sessions. It was weird. This is also our first session featuring a drone footage. The drone was operated by roccoavallone


    Christopher Denny “God’s Height” / Out Of Town Films

  15. Lights out for Boyz II Men at the Eagles vs Giants game. - Philadelphia, PA - 10/12/2014