1. Park. - Wildwood, NJ - 08/28/2014

  2. This photo is randomly getting reblogged a bunch out of nowhere.

    It was like the 4th time I saw Mac play that SXSW. By then, I knew all his stage antics and the covers he and his band were going to bust out, and I loved every minute of it. He’s one of my favorite performers of the past few years. Not too many people out there like him. As he would say, “bless him.”


    Mac Demarco via a toy fisheye film camera at SXSW. 03/15/2013

  3. I’m almost back on my feet so I’ll be back to posting lots of photos soon, but in the mean time, here’s another session with Strand of Oaks.


    Strand of Oaks “Goshen 97” / Out Of Town Films


    Here’s part three of our series with Strand of Oaks featuring “Goshen 97”, the opening track of his recent record, “Heal”. It’s a guitar driven song that introduces the world to Timothy Showalter’s new music for the first time. He’s known for his folk tunes, but on this new record he takes a new turn to a raw and distortion heavy rock band. 

  4. Out Of Town Films just released a new session with RAC. We filmed it back in March at the First Unitarian Church in Philly.


    RAC “Repeating Motion” (feat. Karl Kling) / Out Of Town Films

  5. Ricoh GR test shots 

  6. Pho lunch with michaeljamesmurray

  7. I find myself online shopping way more than I ever have while I recover from ankle surgery and I just got this toy in the mail today. Who wants to shoot (when I can finally walk again)? 

  8. Here’s part two of our Strand of Oaks sessions. My favorite part of this video starts at the 3:15 mark. It gets so quiet and pretty after being so loud and in your face. So good. 


    Strand of Oaks “Shut In” / Out Of Town Films

  9. I still haven’t touched my real camera in a while since I’m still recovering from ankle surgery (I get my cast off tomorrow!), so here’s new Out Of Town Films session we just released today.

    My good friend Michael and I filmed this a few weeks ago with Philly band Strand of Oaks. It’s an epic 8 minute jam from their brilliant new record, HEAL. Looks like we’ll have a few more sessions to share from this day, too. Stay tuned y’all.


    Strand of Oaks “JM” / Out Of Town Films

  10. This was a fun, very spur of the moment shoot we did with Juan Wauters and his friends before his show in Philly. Keep an eye out for Mac Demarco at the end being his goofy self. 


    Juan Wauters “Sanity or Not” - Philadelphia, Pa


  11. Just about a month ago I broke my ankle playing soccer and had to get surgery, which means I haven’t really been able to do much at all. I did manage to crutch myself to Beyoncé / Jay Z concert but that was a struggle.

    I haven’t touched my “real” camera since before my injury. It’s a very weird feeling. The only photographs I have taken in the past month are with my phone, so I figured I’d post my Instagram account since I haven’t posted anything on here in a long while. 

    Only two more weeks until I can walk again…

  12. Sometimes I get asked to be a wedding photographer. Here are a few photographs from Holly and Julien’s wedding a few weeks ago. - New Jersey - 05/31/2014

    (by Colin Kerrigan)

  13. I  had a chance to see Beyoncé and Jay Z last night and it was pretty awesome. Queen Bey more so than Jay, but they worked well together to put on a fantastic show. She’s one hell of a performer. - Philadelphia, PA - 07/05/2014

    (by Colin Kerrigan)

  14. Here’s another one of the Kurt Vile mural I took last year before it was defaced this morning. Read more about the incident HERE

    Philadelphia is very well known for their hundreds, probably thousands, of murals through out the city and you never see anyone dare deface a mural. So many of us locals are asking, “Why?” 


    Kurt Vile’s Wakin On A Pretty Daze mural via a toy fisheye film camera. 

  15. An unknown man decided to deface the Kurt Vile mural painted by Stephen Powers in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia this morning. You can read more about the incidident via WXPN’s The Key


    Finally got a chance to check out Kurt Vile's mural today. Can't wait for this record to come out.