1. I had a total fanboy moment with Annie Clark aka St. Vincent last week. I was photographing her show at the NPR Showcase and I was dead center right up against the stage. There were dozens of photographers in the photo pit and I knew I had to get to a certain spot to get the photos I wanted. I managed to get to that exact spot.

    During the third song(and last song I could shoot in the photo pit), Annie Clark playfully put her foot up to my camera then went back to playing guitar, right in front of me. A few seconds went by and next thing you know, she bends down and puts her hand over my lens. The photo above is the second or two before my lens was completely covered by her hand. 

    After the song, she looked my way and gave me a quick “I’m sorry” smile and I gave her a quick thumbs up to let her know that no harm was done. Little did she know, she made my night because I had brief real life interaction with Annie. Yeah, I know. I sound like a total fanboy but I don’t care. - Austin, TX - 03/12/2014

    (by Colin Kerrigan)

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